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Rich snippet with author photo in Google results for WordPress blog

October 25th, 2012 No comments

Google has taken away image rich snippet, but still it’s worth to the this to increase the search engine ranking.
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It is said that the rich snippet can give 30% boost to the clicks from the Google search results page. That’s true while people would more likely to click a link with photo instead of the boring text link. Google has provided some easy ways for blogger to link their Google+ account and display profile pictures in the search page. There are also a lot articles mentioning more complete and compact ways to do it. Here I would show how I do it in WordPress as single author blog.

Rich snippets of

Rich snippet of in Google search page

isn’t that cool when your image appear in Google page?

Rich snippet of post in Google search page

Verify Domain Email

First, if you have the domain e-mail, verify it as told by Google. For example, mine would be

Make a linkages loop

Then, make a loop of linkages as:
post → author about page → Google+ → author about page
and use rel=author or rel=me attribute on each link

Link from posts to About page

In each single post, make a link to the About page in your site, this can be done by putting following lines in single.php of your theme in WordPress:

<div class="author">Copyright by <a title="About Richard Fu" href="<?php echo get_bloginfo('url'); ?>/about-richard-fu/" rel="author">Richard Fu</a></div>

Note we use rel=”author” here to let Google know it’s the author’s bio page.

Link from About page to Google+ profile

Then, in the about page, put link to your Google+ profile in such format:

<div class="googleplus">Follow me in <a title="About Richard Fu" href="" rel="me">Google+</a></div>

The number is simply the Google+ ID you have. ?rel=author is most important here telling the author page is linking to his Google+ acount.
For me, I use the fancy Social Media Widget to show my social network profile, so my Google+ profile is shown (in every page). By default Social Widget put rel=”nofollow” to the links. To complete the linkage loop, I hard code a bit on social-widget.php around line 148 as:

if ($nofollow == 'on') {
// $nofollow = "rel=\"nofollow\"";
$nofollow = "rel=\"me\"";
} else {
$nofollow = '';

Link from Google+ back to About page

Finally, go edit Google+ profile, put your website in Contributor to. Also put About page to the Links and Other profiles.

Rich snippet setting in Google+ profile

Testing and waiting time

That’s it. Go test it in Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool, but it may take a while for Google to re-crawl the pages. Mine take about 10 days but it can be longer. You may fasten the process by using ‘Fetch as Google’ in Google’s Webmaster Tools to force re-crawl.

More information

Rich snippet is a fun thing to play around and it definitely influence the visit counts for the site. There is a interesting infography by BlueGlass about it.

And these are my source from other great bloggers:
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